Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sweet Summer Dreams Quilt

This is another Victory Prayer Quilt pieced by Pat.
We pieced prayer quilts using this pattern at our May workshop, I believe. I love the bird fabric Pat used.  These colors are so not me, meaning, I would have chosen other colors, so that made this a lot of fun to quilt.

 The border is such a busy print that the quilting is not very distinct, but that's fine.

 The bird blocks were adorned with echoing raindrops.

And this is the reason it doesn't matter that the quilting can barely be seen on the quilt's border:

It's as if this quilt were wrapped in a surprise; the border quilting looks great on the back!
Those dancing stitches, on the entire quilt, not just the borders, and the prayers that went into this quilt yielded a very happy time.  We hope that will be true for the recipient as well.

Happy quiltmaking,


bunbear said...

very pretty!

Abbigail said...

This is very nice! I'm sure there was a lot of love put into this quilt!

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