Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mrs. Lebo's Legacy III

At last, I have nine sets of wedges together.
I was getting concerned that I would not have 180 wedges; If I had not cut a one 4-strip set from other fabrics, I would have been short.  As it was, I needed three more wedges.  I managed to get them from scraps.  I did go looking in my stash, but I've rarely used these colors since maybe the 1970s, and the 100% cotton fabrics we could find back then were rarely this high quality.  (Thank you ,millions of quilters and all the manufacturers and shops who share our passion and our dollars!)

Then when I had them all together, I found this lurking about! Oh, well!

This is going to be one very happy quilt!

I used to have a design wall, but no longer have one up--and no good place to put one.  I don't think I mind.

I need to decide what size to make the centers and whether to make them yellow, red, or blue.  Right now I'm leaning toward yellow if I have enough fabric.  They will remind me of English Chintz China, something I love but will never be able to afford.  I also need to decide on the size of the background squares.  Jenny Doan suggested 22 inches for the Missouri Star Quilt, but I haven't decided yet.

We don't know how much snow we'll get out of our current storm, but this is a perfect quilt to be making while it happens!

Happy quiltmaking,......


muskaan said...

This truly is a happy quilt . Beautiful already !

Missy Shay said...

Yellow is my favorite color, so of course that would be my choice too! They are going to be such a fun quilt!

Needled Mom said...

I'd do yellow too as it is a happy color to go with the happy fabrics.

Unknown said...

Oh my ! These are beautiful Dresden plates. You are a very good piecer.

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