Monday, June 25, 2012

2 Doll Quilts for Dear Princesses

Another Bounteous Picture Post...Two doll quilts, 28 inches X 28 inches, the first featuring green, the second featuring pink.  Made for two very young ladies from leftovers from their dresses and doll dresses made by their Grandma Mary, with another blue butterfly print from the same line of fabric (Timeless Treasures).
Quilt for Princess 2--who loves green, including green M&Ms.

The backside:
Quilt for Princess 1, who likes other colors as well.
This was very sparkly fabric, so I did get to clean sparkle dust out of my machine; and the sparkles did keep the fabric from gliding easily as I did the free motion quilting.

The backside:
Backside details:

Took most of theweekend, but it was fun!
Their Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bill celebrated 50 years of marriage this weekend.
Mary made her wedding dress on a 10 year old Singer 15-90, which she gave to me several years ago, so the sewing machine is now 60 and still sewing well. However, since 15-90's have "potted motors", they can't be treadled very easily.  I did make these quilts on my Necchi BU from the late 1940's (because I wanted to treadle).

6-26-12  Finally managed to get the quilts to the girls this evening.  The four-year old ooh-ed and ah-ed and said, "Can I sleep with  it tonight?"  The six-year-old said, "Can we take them on the plane with us?"  It's safe to say they were a hit.  It would be wonderful if the quilts helped inspire the princesses to become quilters someday!

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Happy quiltmaking......


Pokey said...

These will be well loved, for sure! Your quilting is amazing, Dora ~

Lily said...

Love the idea of the leftovers from their dresses and doll dresses. How precious! Just finished my first doll quilt. They're my new favorite project! : )

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Very very cute! I want to try a treadle someday. I bet it is fun!

Nancy said...

Beautiful job!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

your princess doll quilts are just lovely!!
Thank you for sharing info on my post about Cliff's eye healing...he doing good and waiting patiently....eating better too!!

Richard Healey said...

Love the doll quilts thanks for linking to my LAFF

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Your quilting is gorgeous! And that was before I read that you did it with a treadle machine. You should meet Lane over at That Man Quilts?. He's got a treadle machine, but I don't think he's done much quilting with it, just piecing.

Anyway, Those quilts are SO, SO cute! I love the sparkly fabrics and (again) your quilting is beautiful! I think, of the two, my favorite is the pink one. I'm so glad the girls liked them! Congrats on such a great finish and thank you for linking up!

xo -E

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