Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mid-Week Quilting Progress

I am so sad that it is already August 1st!  (At least we have a couple of weeks before school starts. I understand most of the Tennessee kids had to go back to school today!)
Here's one of the quilts I'm working on:
 Judy R. pieced and layered it and didn't tell me what she's calling it, so I'm calling it Tropical Vacation!
 Judy said she used a pattern she found on the internet, but I didn't think to ask where.
 I'm practicing lots of different kinds of feathers and fillers.
 I'm using some variegated threads from ThreadArt and some Fil-Tec Glide. Both companies give fast service.  I think the color changes on the Thread Art thread happen every 2.5 inches or so.  I've had it around several years.  I knew I wanted to switch colors on different blocks and thought it would be a good chance to use up some of the variegated thread.  (Of course, that didn't happen--emptying any spools of thread, I mean.)
I did load the bobbin with a light pearl colored Glide.  I wanted to see how I was doing on the back and to be sure to keep the tension even, which sometimes doesn't work out so great with two different brands of thread.
 Worked out just fine this time.  And I think in a way the back of this quilt could be a kind of puzzle for someone who is ill and forced not to be active.
 I didn't ask Judy what she was imagining when she bought this fabric where one color flows into the next across the rainbow....
 but it is perfect for a Tropical Vacation Quilt. And, if you look closely, you'll understand why I say I still need to practice.
Yes, I'm quilting it on my Necchi BU Nova in 1919 Singer treadle irons.

Still hoping for rain here.  I was surprised and happy to see some several miles away, but it didn't bless us.  I hope some of my blog readers were able to get their share.

I'm sharing this quilt at several linky parties, parties you can visit to see more quilts and meet more quilters.
Esther’s Blog

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Since I've been using this quilt to create and practice some new-to-me quilting designs, I'm also linking it at Melissa's Try New Things party:

Question:  My blog is getting all kinds of hits from "MyHealthScore."  Anybody have any idea what that's about?  Is it happening to your blog too?  (You can find out by checking your blog stats.)

I've also had a lots of visits from members of the quilting board; I hope some of those visitors decide to become followers.  Then I could find some new blogs to follow too.

Happy quiltmaking.......


Bunny said...

Lookin good. Pretty quilt too.

Connie said...

Wonderful quilt and I think your quilting looks wonderful! I still need to buy some Fi-tech glide thread! I don't know anything about the MyHealthScore but I know I sometimes get hits from strange places.

Terri said...

Your quilting is wonderful. I wish my best was half as nice as your practice. I don't see that MyHealthScore thingy, but I do know that checking out the side bar of other bloggers is where I find most of the peeps I follow, that and my followers, and some I find on "One Pretty Thing" and Craftzine...I can't remember the official name of it.

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Dora! Thanks for letting me know that the quilt blocks are Job's tears. I knew it wasn't a star but couldn't figure it out. It even means more to me now that it's a bible block!

Melissa Corry said...

Such pretty feathers!!! So beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dora
Just want to say I also am getting MyHealthScore pageviews also. Not sure what that is about lol.

Nice quilt and beautiful quilting. Love your pretty blog. Since i am a starting blogger,, I have not used the fancier page ideas. Time helps.

Have a super day
SweetAmbrosia aka Julie

ANudge said...

Beautiful quilting, Dora. It is enhancing that beautiful quilt!

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