Saturday, August 4, 2012

Progress: Tatting, Knitting, Quilting

 Knitting Progress:  All the footies need is the yarn fastened off and the ends woven in.  They've been sitting like this for several weeks.  What is wrong with me that I can't accomplish more?!
 Shawl:  Begun several weeks ago.  It's a six stitch repeat to create the lace--you can see it just beginning on the right hand section. I can't hold the six stitches in my brain and have to keep looking at the chart, and then I forget where I am in the six stitches!
Tatting Progress:  Need to tie off this tatted medallion.  This is DMC Cordonnet Special in beige; my grandma's favorite size; my favorite size until I discovered the threads that Jess!  hand-dyes
 These are size 40--my new favorite size, because that's one of the sizes Jess dyes.  These are edgings for pillow cases.  With the thread that's left, I want to make a medallion for the the front of each pillowcase--hoping I have enough thread.  Thus, the attempt in beige in the previous picture.
Several months ago I was struggling more with tatting than knitting; now it's the other way around.

Quilting Progress: A quilt finish and lots of photos:

Tropical Vacation
 Yes, it was windy here before 9:00 a.m.
 Quilting details show up better in some blocks than others.
 Judy R. pieced, layered, and basted the quilt.
I tried out some new quilting designs and some variations of old ones.
 ThreadArt and Fil-Tec Glide thread.
 Quilted on Necchi BU Nova in 1919 Singer treadle irons.
 Quilting shows up better in some places than others.  Most of the fabric in the quilt is very busy.
 One of my friends keeps asking why I put so much work into prayer quilts.  Prayer quilts are the perfect place to practice new things.
 Beyond that, I think doing shoddy or minimal work would akin to donating expired food to a food bank.
 Again, the quilting shows up better in some places than in others.
 (Shadow of photographer.  How UN-cool is that!?)

 Now it will go back to Judy for the label and binding.
Coming tomorrow, Sunday, August 5, 9:30 a.m. MDT will be a tutorial and quilting on a treadle sewing machine.
We had wind, lightning, and thunder with only a few drops of rain yesterday.  At least some of my friends received good showers.

Several linky parties going on.  I do love to visit and see what others are creating.
For knitting, Judy of Patchwork Times posts  Friday On the Needles
For quilting, Richard and Tanya's Link a Finish Friday
Sarah's Whoop! Whoop! for this week.
Erin's hosting this week's Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday over at Missy Mac Creations

 I know of no linky parties for tatting.  If I did, I'd surely share them with you. When I took Sweet Teen to have her senior pictures taken yesterday, the person who was acting as receptionist for the photographer asked about tatting and I gave her a crash course.  I do hope to hear from her so I can share more.  When I wanted to learn, tatting was pretty much a dying art (yes, dyeing the threads is special too), and I've taught scores of women to tat.  I'm just getting back into it after laying it aside for a while--of course, Jess's Tatilicious threads have been very inspirational!  I did find some of my several-decades-old books of tatting, but I haven't found the English one that I think had more medallions in it.
If you visit the parties, please try to leave a comment or two for some of the participants.  Some of us are in the middle of nowhere and cyber-sharing is one of our ways to share with people.

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting...and tatting....


Deborah said...

My goodness! You've accomplished so much! And you are so multi-talented! Lovely!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Spool pin doilies! I can't knit, crochet or tat. I do love to look at all the lovely threads and yarns, though.

Pokey said...

I agree, Dora, you have so many varied ways of expressing creativity. That tatting holds a dear place in my heart ~

Auntie Em said...

I love the quilting that you put into your quilts.
I often find that just when a project is almost done, it is hard to get to the finish line. I'm sure your little slippers will get finished up when the time is right.

Angie said...

Everything looks great, but the tatting is making my heart go pitter-pat! I took your advice and looked at a few online how-to videos. I have greater confidence I could learn this skill, I just need to make an opportunity to try. It will happen one of these days - thanks for the inspiration!

Rosemary said...

You are so talented! I love all your projects. You'll get it done when you feel like it. This is fun, remember!!?

Connie said...

Your quilting adds so much to this beautiful quilt Dora! No wonder you haven't been knitting or're busy quilting!

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