Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Sweet, Quiet Prayer Quilt

Claudia was happy to present me with this prayer quilt top created with leftovers from a quilt she had made for her husband and herself as well as leftovers from a prayer quilt she made for his cousin.
 Before she brought it to me, she said, "I have a quilt with lots of negative space for you to quilt."
Yes, it has lots of negative space, so I loved every minute of it!

 Because she used only four inch borders, I didn't have  room for feathers in the border, but I did quilt a feather in every large trapezoid.

The borders got swirlies!  This was a wonderful silky fabric with a soft, elegant hand.

Much of the quilt became a sampler of quilting designs that show up much better on the back of the quilt than on the front.

 I gave it back to Claudia so she could add the binding.
I'm hoping someone will find it very comforting.

This quilt was so much fun!  Thank you for letting me quilt it for you, Claudia.

One thing I did learn from this quilt is that I probably won't quilt any more with white on white prints for the back.  That white "paint" created a white dust everywhere--and that can't be good.

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting,


SusanB said...

Wow! Love the quilting. The white back really shows the quilting. I understand your concern about the dust from the white on white design. Any light colored back that reads solid would show the quilting well.

bunbear said...

oh, dora, it's just exquisite! great job!

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