Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Prayer Quilt: Cowboy Brothers

So far Ruth has given me two rodeo quilts that she made as a result of the work day we held in January.  Here's the first:

 I quilted swirly ropes around her focus blocks.  (Also known as Snoopy Happy Dancing; somewhat different spirit here.)

 I kept the focus panels simple with somewhat parallel wavy lines.

 Of course, those parallel wavy lines felt a little like jail bars as they went over this fellow's face!

 There are dancing scrolls in her white sashing.

 And this is how I crossed them in the center of the quilt.

 Scrolls travelled into the corners of the quilt.

And in a couple of places some of the ropes un-twined and tried to escape!

With a bit of luck, the next one I finish quilting will be this quilt's brother.

This is just fun beyond words! The more quilting I get to do, the more I think I was born to quilt!

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting....

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