Friday, February 13, 2015

Prayer Quilt: Cowboy's Brother

Here's Ruth's second cowboy quilt.

 In the end, the swirlies were quite a bit different from the ones in the earlier quilt.

 The focus panels received the same wavy lines.

 This is my favorite block of the four--because of the quote from Winston Churchill.  I had not known that he said that.  Having seen how therapeutic horses can be, I absolutely agree.

Where the blue sashing met at the center of the quilt, I let all four sections hook up. The red Glide thread didn't show up as well as I thought it would, but it's still okay.

I was starting to think I might be tiring of this quilt pattern.  However, everyone has put some interesting variations in theirs, so I think I'm good for a few more.

I've been using Fil-Tec's Magna-Glide bobbins for most of these quilts, and I'm getting quite a collection of the magnetic cores.  Fil-Tec encourages users to box them up and return them.  For years I thought it was highly unlikely that I'd ever collect enough to send back; now I'm seeing that may happen sooner than I thought.

For those who free motion quilt with vintage machines, yes, these bobbins are great in my vintage machines.  The magnet core helps feed the thread smoothly, without any back lash, even in our domestic machines.  I use them in my class 15 machines, but was looking at them the other day and thinking they may well work in class 66, and, perhaps, even in the Singer Featherweights.  Some times I have to pull a few yards off a brand new size L bobbin, but they save a lot of winding--which can take a while on a treadle or handcrank.  (I do have a "Sidewinder.")  These bobbins are also wound tighter than if wound on either the Sidewinder or a domestic sewing machine. However, the caveat is that there really isn't a way for the anyone outside the factory to re-wind the magnetic cores.  They are so convenient that I'm happy with that trade-off.

I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend; are you?

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting...

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Needled Mom said...

Those are really wonderful blocks with that vintage look on the fabric.

I had no idea that one could return the empty bobbins. I have a whole collection of empties here that I knew had to "have a purpose" someday.

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