Monday, February 9, 2015

Victory Quilt, Tractors, Memories

My oldest maternal cousin caught a virus (his sister isn't sure what it was), and after getting out of the hospital ended up in rehab for weeks--the same one my aunts are in, except he was placed in another portion of the facility.  I hope I haven't started something I can't sustain, but I did make him a prayer quilt.  Right now Mary has it for binding, so I hope I can get it to him this coming week.

 He loves tractors and old cars, so I purchased these J. I. Case panels and the border fabric from Somewhere Sewing. along with a hot-rod fabric for the backing. I was thrilled to find them because I've never recovered from making what now seems like an endless series of John Deere quilts a few years ago!

These old tractors bring back a lot of memories of my farm years.

The rest of the fabrics were in my stash or left over from other projects except for the red foulard print, which reminds me of the centers of bandanas.  The green stripey also appears in my Aunt Louise's quilt here.

In the borders I was very brave and quilted bright red feathers.
With any luck, this will be in the mail to him in a day or two.

Happy quiltmaking and knitting,


Missy Shay said...

The quilt turned out great! I love that tractor fabric you found for him.

bunbear said...

love those fabrics! great job on the quilt and the quilting. sure hope he gets to feeling better soon.

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