Friday, January 20, 2017

Decisions, Decisions!

I get to participate in Friday Night Sew In!

The hard part is in deciding what to do on this rainy/snowy night.  (Yes, we need the moisture--someone should write an anthem to that theme!)

I've narrowed it to these choices:

Borders for Mrs. Lebo's Legacy.  The two fabrics at the top may or may not become inner borders.  The red on the right will be the outer border.

I may use either the blue or the yellow for inner borders, or maybe both, if I have enough blue left for binding as well.

 This is the College Girl's panda quilt, for which she chose fabric in intermediate school or mid school and which finally was bordered with five different sets of unpieced strips because for years I thought I'd do piecing around the blocks.  Then I decided finished was more important.  She cuddled with it until she went back to the university, and it still needs a binding.

These are for my eldest brother's prayer quilt.  (The tactor panel is under the fabrics.)  Quilt is planned, but nothing is cut.

This is an unfinished prayer quilt from years ago--I'm leaning toward this one because I'd have to do only some minor triangle cutting to get it together.

This is the honeybee quilt I said I'd work on next, but I haven't finished designing it.  Since I want to spend time actually sewing, this probably won't win.

These are my newly arrived Anne of Green Gables fabrics--from Penny Rose Fabrics.  But I haven't designed anything yet.
 I do love these Anne fabrics--not only are the colors restful but happy; the prints seem to have more fidelity to one of my childhood favorite books, which I reread every few years.
(I was sooo excited when the Little House on the Prairie fabric line was announced, but they just weren't that true to what I imagined was in the novels.  So Little House on the Prairie will have to wait until someone else designs a line.)

This preprinted panel is almost quilted, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to quilt it.  It's a workday for our Victory Prayer Quilts group, but snow and ice could change my mind about making the 40 mile round trip drive despite the fact that I'd love to have some social time with the ladies in our group.--I'd also probably want to drag along a sewing machine, which would probably be my turquoise hand-crank Singer 15 clone, although if the snow is light I may just use one of the sewing machines that are already there.
I need to decide so the evening can be productive as well as treasured.  I'm thinking hot chocolate would be helpful--as soon as I spread out my hand-knit wool socks to dry.

I hope all my readers get time to Friday-night-sew too--even if it's something small or knitting or embroidery.

Happy creativity, everyone,...


Missy Shay said...

I finished my Sewing bee block and sewed lace around a heart, that was it! LOL

O'Quilts said...

How exciting...beautiful

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