Friday, January 22, 2010

Judy's Garden Shop

Here's Judy's Garden Path, minus binding, because I didn't get any from her:

Is this a darling quilt or what!  It's what I quilted on our MLK holiday.  It's another Victory Quilt by Judy, who is a master at mixing fabrics.  There are fabrics in this quilt that span well over 20 years, and she has brought them together to create a most pleasing whole.

She created one appliqued flower block:
Next are the threads I used to quilt:

The large cones in the back are Fil-Tec Glide, my favorite thread, because of the way it really does glide through the needle and the quilt.  The variegated threads are from Thread-Art, which always gives me such fast service that it takes my breath away!  Both types of thread are beautiful, lustrous size 40 polyester, originally designed for machine embroidery; however, I like the quilting to shine too.

Here are some photos of some of the sections of the quilt showing Judy's superb fabric choices and details of the quilting:
The quilting design in the section above is one my friend Bobbie and I found on an Oklahoma Triple Irish Chain made in 1903. I've always thought of it as an interpretation of a cross-section of an elongated walnut; and I've altered it even more to make it fit the space and work for machine quilting.
And here's one more look at a slightly larger section:

I tried a new quilting design in the border--knowing it wouldn't show up in the busy, busy print, but wanting to expand my repertoire.  I thought I'd take a picture of the back, but since that print was so busy, the stitches didn't show up there either.

Our spring will arrive.  We just need to hang on for a couple more months!

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