Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilting Group

Once a month our prayer quilt group gets together in person.  Sometimes we work on similar thing or even the same type of thing.  More often, we all work on something different.

Often I feel I've been terribly non-productive at our gathering, but I love the time for us to be together and enjoy the camaraderie every bit as much as quilting.

Below are some shots of the prayer quilt I was working on.  I've used most of these fabrics before, but they're not out of my system yet.

I love putting things together in unexpected ways, but I think I'd do it even more if I could learn how to make EQ6 Custom Layouts work in the way I really want.
This is what I finally chose, but haven't finished sewing yet.

Ah, so little time.  Soooooo many quilts I really, really want to make!

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