Friday, January 29, 2010

Sewing Machine & Chickie O, Cherry-Oh, Cheerio, Baby

 I offered to take a look at this for someone who lives near me.  It belonged to her aunt. She was hoping someone had an unused machine she could use. She said this one stopped working several years ago.  I changed the needle, took out the hand quilting thread, cleaned and oiled it, and rethreaded it with sewing thread. Adjusted the thread tension slightly.  It works great!
I know there are thousands of wonderful vintage sewing machines in closets, garages, nooks, and crannies which need no more than a little basic attention in order to be working well again.  Countless machines have ended up in landfills because they were "old" or "old fashioned" or needed the tiniest amount of attention.  It's heartbreaking.
I'll return this to its owner when our storm has moved on to another state.  I hope she gets another 50 years' use from it.

Here's Chickie O, Cherry-Oh, Cheerio, Baby:

It's for a young friend who loved spending time with my baby and who will soon have her own.
It's such a happy little quilt! Hope it makes her baby happy too!

And, lastly, here are some of the plump little birds who enjoyed cubes of bread from the whole wheat loaf I made last week:

I watched them from my treadle as I put the binding on the quilt.
I did spend a half hour on the treacherous roads yesterday morning, thinking I'd make it to work.  I decided it was better to take a personal day, and then spent a half hour returning home on a slightly different route, thinking that if I went skidding, I'd have a better chance of regaining traction on the two-lane than I would along I-40, much of which closed by the end of the day.

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