Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birds and Breezes

The front of our house is an L-shape, and it contains what most people around here call a "trash tree", a Chinese elm, one of the few trees that seem to sprout naturally across New Mexico, frequently where little else will grow.  It was here when we moved in, and although I've pruned it, I've not replaced it--a "someday" project.  However, that little tree (which isn't so little any more), is often a haven for birds.
Because of where we live, we frequently experience high winds that have tumbled down from the Sandias or Manzanos that make even moderate temperatures seem frigid.
That L of our house makes for great collections of tumbleweeds when the winds are just right.
In fact I showed them in a blog post just about a year ago.
Frequently, the winds that follow storms, enable our "trash tree" to be a welcome haven for birds.

I think I should make a quilt in honor of these hardy creatures.  However, as much as I love the fact that our tree provides a shelter for them, and as much as I love Birds-in-Air blocks, I don't enjoy making half-square triangles.  Over the last 3+ decades, I've tried every method anyone has told me about.  I just don't like to make them! I love them when they're finished and are in quilt, however.
I do love looking up from my 66-treadle and seeing that these fluffy little creatures have found shelter from the winds at least for a while!

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