Saturday, January 30, 2010

Smooth Joinings on Quilt Bindings

Heather Finnell of Burning the Midnight Oil Quilts has a great tutorial for binding quilts that includes instructions for how to finish the beginning/end of the bindings so that spot looks the same as the other joins in the binding.  You'll find it here:

I admit that because of the idiosyncrasies of the sewing machines I have in my home and because of the relatively thin batts I prefer, I usually subtract 1/4-inch from one end of the binding so that the binding is stretched ever so slightly over those joining inches.  However, I don't measure the quilts to be sure their sides vary by no more than one millimeter, and I'm not entering most of the quilts I make in competitions, so no one is going to get too picky with them; most of my quilts are prayer quilts that will be laundered countless times over the course of their existence.

Happy quilting.....Happy blogging.

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