Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunshine and Frost - Another Quilt

Here's Sunshine and Frost, another kaleidoscope quilts that was years in the making.  Sometime around 1997, when I was teaching and living on the Zuni Reservation, I made a blue and yellow quilt for a friend who frequently invited me to stay at her home when I had to be Albuquerque.  It was perfect for her bedroom, and I fell in love with blue and yellow.  However, I did not start buying these fabrics until 2000, although I had already begun dyeing a lot of my fabrics.

Here's a smaller section, just a little closer.

and closer:

Before I left for my retreat to the Appalachians last summer, I ordered thread for this quilt, but only part of it arrived before we left.  I did start some of the quilting in the mountains, but the rest was done over the course of several weeks whenever I could squeeze in some time to quilt for myself.
Here's one section of the back:

I pulled it out at the beginning of the month, thinking I still needed to finish quilting it.
But all that was left to do was trim and bind it.  The binding is now on, and I have another finish!
Now I think I should start another blue and yellow quilt; do you agree?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Blue and yellow is my favorite combination!


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