Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Quilt Finish--Sort Of

"Sort Of" because all I did was quilt it.  I love it when my friends in Victory Quilts hand off a quilt for me to quilt.  It's going back to Ruth so she can bind it and launder it for our next prayer quilt blessing.

 This is a split nine patch that I shared with my quilting friends years ago.  The ones I did on my blog were called Split 9-Patch Windmills.  Ruth set hers together differently.
 Please excuse the "ravelins" on the quilt.--I need to leave for Jubilee Players practice and choir practice, but I was so pleased at how quickly this quilted up that I just had to share!

 I tried a lot of feather variations that were new to me.  They just kind of hopped out of the needle!
 The border was very narrow, so I tried new things there too.
 This quilt has a lot of surprises--like the curls at the ends of some of the feathers.

Lots of fun.  Quilting went fast.  I did have trouble seeing the threads I chose since I was quilting at night, but it was still mostly okay.  Furthermore, I'm sure it will provide comfort and pleasure to a recipient facing a serious health challenge.

I can hardly wait to start the next one--but of course, my day job takes precedence!

Happy quiltmaking....and knitting,


Lynn said...

Love the quilting, fun!! The border is really cute and lively!

Anonymous said...

I love the quilting motif you chose and so well done!!! I have had similar challenges with thread that matches too well in places. I'm sure that quilt will be a blessing!!!!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Beautiful quilting! I've had to set up all sorts of lighting so I can see the darn thread! I consider it still a great finish for you!

DragonPoodle said...

I love the quilt and your quilting is awesome as usual.

bunbear said...

dora it looks so neat! great job on the quilting!

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