Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Quilt Named Bob Warr

I pieced and quilted this recently, but didn't get it posted to the blog.  Sometimes life gets really intense, as it has been for weeks, but most of what has gone on has been good!

The block centers were left over from four other Victory prayer quilts.  The brown wheat print is left over from a quilt I started (made completely by hand) back in the late 70s, and the other prints were part of the stash.

It's called Bob Warr because it reminds me of barbed wire and because of something that happened when I was little.  I grew up on a farm near El Paso, Illinois.  My dad asked me if I wanted to go to Gridley with him, so we took off in the 1940s Studebaker pick up.  I wandered around the store learning about different kinds of nails from one of the employees.  I've always loved hardware stores.
Eventually, Dad finished visiting with everyone, and we climbed back into the truck.  As he backed out of the store's garage, I asked him where Bob Warr was.  He told me, "In the bed of the truck."  I got on my knees and looked through the back window, but all I saw was several boxes.  Of course, later that day the whole family had a good laugh about Bob Warr.

I've been asked to teach this process for a Victory Quilts project day January 7th.  So I've used that as an excuse to buy some printed panels; of course, then I discovered I didn't have the right fabrics to coordinate with the panels, so I bought some more fabric.  Got it washed this afternoon.   I still need to write a short article for the church newsletter.  So much to do in so little time!  I'm guessing a lot of people are feeling that way about now!

Happy quiltmaking,


barbara woods said...

That's a great block to show case fabric, love the western fabric

O'Quilts said...

Hilarious joke. I wondered where you had been. I was just about to email you and see where you were, when I happened upon a post here of yours. So I guess it was my brain, gone missing. Glad to see you doing your beautiful quilting

Kathy said...

Love this story, and a perfect name for the quilt :)

Missy Shay said...

This pattern would be perfect for a Rte 66 quilt I want to make. where can I find the pattern?

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