Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Additions and Fabric Decisions

I did add some fabrics here at the end of this year:

I succumbed to some Riley Blake fat quarters because I want to make a sweet, very quiet quilt for myself.  At this point I'm mulling over designs, so I won't be able to decide if I want to pair these with white or if I'll need to seek out some yardage until I've had a chance to play in EQ7.

The next two pictures are of fabrics I purchased for prayer quilts for two of my aunts who are in a care facility in Topeka.  (Of Grandma and Grandpa's 14 children, only seven are still living, although they all lived well into adulthood.)
 I'm thinking the bright flowers will be for Aunt Louise and that the birds will be for Aunt Naomi--unless one of my cousins weighs in and says it should be the other way around.
I think every one of those nine girls grew things, although some grew more fruits and vegetables than flowers.  Aunt Louise had a room in her house for plants and had beautiful flowers in her gardens until she just grew too frail to care for them any more.

Naomi is the youngest girl (I think she's about 75 now) and is probably the only one without memories of the Great Depression.

Only one of those 14 children was allowed to attend high school, and he attended for three days on a football scholarship, said he didn't like it, and quit.  (He did become a great carpenter.)  I know my mother and probably some others had other post high-school training.  My mom borrowed money from  her uncle, graduated from business school, and went to work for the Santa Fe railroad.

Today we are experiencing the literal meaning of "under the radar."  It has been snowing, often horizontally from east to west, since early this morning, fortunately without a lot of accumulation yet. However, according to the National Weather Service, it's not snowing and we've had no accumulation.  Of course, despite that report of nonexistence, I'm about to go scrape it off our car.
We may have our New Year's Eve chili a day early.  We'll see.

Happy quiltmaking...and knitting...,


Needled Mom said...

Those fabrics will make such a romantic quilt. Love them. Also the fabrics for the aunt's quilts sound perfect. They will appreciate them.
Happy new year.

Kathy said...

Beautiful fabrics.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Those first fabric are so soft and sweet! They will make a beautiful quilt...

Dolly said...

Oh, where oh WHERE did you find that bird panel? I would love to have one like it to possible make a small quilt for my hubby.......he spends a small fortune on bird seed !

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