Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Quilt Inspired by Bob Warr

The 1st Bob Warr quilt led to a second ,a third, and now a fourth, this time for a colleague's preschooler.

This little girl is in her "pink and pooahple" stage.  I saved fat quarters for months and gathered more over a few more months and paired them with two lovely Asian fabrics from my collection.

I tried to choose a group of fabrics that won't embarrass her in ten or twenty years.  When I was about her age, my favorite colors were pink and chartreuse.  If I'd made a quilt in those colors, I'd have a hard time finding a place to hang it in my house today! (I did make my niece Audrey a quilt using pink and fresh green on a lot of white a couple of years ago.

 I cut the large blocks 8.5 inches.  That meant the triangles all touch each others--so they are more like a crown than barbed wire.
 The sashing stripes are in a slightly different rearrangement.

Much of the quilting was done with a pale orchid thread.  If I were to do it again, I would have quilted with slightly deeper purple on the lavender panels at the top and the bottom.

I designed a new curled feather for the borders and quilted it in a peony pink.

I still need to cut and attach the binding.  I'm thinking I'll go with the same pink that is in the border.

I so enjoy the variations that this pattern promises.  I need to write the pattern and a worksheet for planning measurements, but that will mostly likely not happen until the semester is over.

I have some more panels and blocks so I can make a few more variations.

Happy quiltmaking,


Anonymous said...

Lovely.....quilting and all!!! I do believe some of that feature fabric resides in my stash!!! I love it!!!! Sequels are big in the movies, why not quilts??!! LOL!

bunbear said...

love the bob warr story! how cute! your quilting looks fabulous. great job!

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