Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dancing with the Daisies and the Treadle

For quite a few years, my daughter has spent New Years Eve with one of her friends at her friend's house.  I thought the tradition would be broken by this year's snow storms and the fact that the College Girl wanted us to have a special New Year's Eve meal together.  She and her friend decided this is not the right year to break with tradition (I think this may be their tenth NYE, but I could be wrong), so they met about 10 miles from here, about half-way for each.  Her friend's mom said, "Are you going to party?"  I replied, "Yes, I'll be dancing with a quilt."

So, here we go, with the fabric for my Aunt Louise's prayer quilt and my vintage Necchi treadle!

Not exciting to most people probably, but this makes me so happy that I will soon lose track of time! I'm sure the local pyromaniacs and their fireworks will alert me to the beginning of 2015.  Fortunately we have plenty of snow, so  unless we have wind at midnight, things should be fine!

Happy quiltmaking...happy knitting...Happy New Year!


Needled Mom said...

Sounds like a great date for the evening. Happy New Year.

DragonPoodle said...

Those daisies are undiluted happiness! Wishing you a great New Year surrounded by bright and cheerful fabrics!

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