Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quilting Goodies in the Mail!

I've been waiting impatiently for these:

I love the time I save when I can quilt instead of wind bobbins!  I also love Fil-Tec Magna-Glide Bobbins and Glide thread.  I can use their L size bobbins in my class 15 machines (although sometimes I need to pull off a few yards).  They work wonderfully.  I ordered boxes of 72 bobbins in the colors I use most.  I ordered a lovely pink and a lovely sand color in cones for quilting too. They also sell jars of 20 L Bobbins (or 10 M bobbins) in even more colors.  Because their bobbins were designed for long arm quilters, they are wound very tightly.  The L bobbins have 76 yards and the M bobbins have 136 yds (I think).  Because of the magnetic core, even when I stitch very fast, I never get a backlash, where the bobbin keeps spinning when I stop sewing.  They unwind very, very smoothly because that magnetic core clings gently to the bobbin post.

A closer look reveals the 10 rotary blades and a lighted tweezer that I ordered from Eleanor Burns' Quilt In A Day when they had their after-Thanksgiving sale.

I absolutely love getting goodies from Bobbin Central.  Their colors are luscious (my machines love them, as do my quilts), and, as I've claimed for years, just looking at them and touching them is every bit as delightful as a candy banquet!  Fil-Tec has even begun promoting them as "Candy for Quilters."

Now that I have the bobbins and thread, I can begin a couple of quilts that have been lying around awaiting their arrival!

Happy quiltmaking....and knitting (if you can find time for both!),


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

How neat Dora! I just ordered a bunch of thread and now I wish I had ordered some of the bobbins. I also use an old 15-91 Singer.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could use the L size in a class 15 machine! Thanks! I love Fil-Tec and Glide thread. It is the easiest thread I have ever used.

DragonPoodle said...

Thanks for the tips. I am really tired of winding bobbins for my new midarm. I will try these.

Michelle said...

I absolutely LOVE the magna-glide bobbins. I love them so much that if I had to go back to winding bobbins and fight backlash, I think I just would never use my quilting machine ever again. I never, however thought about using them in any other machine just by removing a few yards. Hmmmmmm.....wonder if they would work in my Singer 301 or Featherweight for piecing. Food for thought!

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