Friday, May 11, 2012

Quilt Progress and Sunshiney Goodness

 Just a bitty-bit of progress on Audrey's Spring Breeze.  I'm wondering if the impediment is lack of focus, lack of sustainability, lack of organization, or just plain fatigue.  (Had plenty of the latter yesterday.)  I did sew one more HBT this a.m.
The great joy was this---a sunshiney breakfast--freshly ground and brewed coffee, muffins, lemon curd eaten in the sunshine.  For years, and certainly for the long winter months, I've been out of here while it was still dark. Sunshine just makes me happy--and even more so today when we're not predicted to have winds more than 10-15 miles an hour and temperatures in the low 70's.

I'll have a house full of sweet teens for movie night tonight.  Now I'm off for more therapies--and hoping I'm not in tears by the time we reach the end of speech therapy.  (Earlier this week a medical professional said something to me about how young I look, and I had to admit that [since I've never felt "pretty"], I've been more vain about my brain than my looks!)

Update:  Sweet Teens are here.  I'm back from appointments--quite a bit more fatigued than I thought I'd be, but still hoping to get some stitches made.  Going to link to some linky parties--please stop by and meet some new people and their creations and have a really great time!

 Thanks to Karen at Sew Many Ways

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict

and Amy at amylouwho

Happy quiltmaking.....


Anonymous said...

The breakfast looks so yummy! I see you're from Northern NM. I spent a lot of time in various places around that state. Sounds like the weather is nice!

Pokey said...

Beautiful day, beautiful time with your girl and friends, and dear Dora, you do have a beautiful smile and heart!

MQuilter said...

Hang in there! Your breakfast looks yummy, and your half square are coming out gorgeous!

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