Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lovely Discoveries

This weekend we made quick stops at three thrift stores because I was hoping to find an old metal  class 15 sewing machine that would fit in my treadle.  I'd be delighted to find a Japanese clone that had well-working parts and from which I could remove the motor.  Since it took me ten months to find the treadle, I figure this could be a long search too.

Of course, we didn't find one--although there was a Singer Touch and Sew that had been removed from its table or case.  (I didn't try it because I don't want to have to start a whole new collection of presser feet, and the T&S uses slant feet.)

What I did find was these three antique fingertip towels--they're hand embroidered, so they have to be old.  The bonus was the $2 yellow rose tablecloth.  What a bonus!  The prices on these tablecloths have escalated astronomically in the years since my friend Hannah bought them to make her children's play clothes--because she knew they'd never wear out!  I'll probably make an apron or smock if I can squeeze enough fabric out of it.

The other thing I did not buy--but would have loved to--was a beautiful 19th c. oak library table with pillared legs.  It was gorgeous, although, frankly, even if I had had an extra $175, it wouldn't have fit in my house. The same shop had a zinc-topped kitchen cabinet that had probably spent years on someone's porch.  Very interesting--and it too will eventually belong to someone besides me.

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