Friday, February 26, 2010

Slow Goin'

It's been slow goin' this week.  Haven't touched a machine or quilted all week.  I feared this would happen.  I truly hope that when I actually get to retire in a few years, I'll still have plenty of creativity and energy left for quilting.

This little quilt is one I made in the late '80's.  It's an old, traditional pattern from the Southern US, a variation of a Drunkard's Path with a head and a tail appliqued onto a couple of patches prior to piecing.  This one was made with some of those P&B (and other) fabrics that preceded the real reproductions that showed up in the marketplace a few years later.

This quilt has faded quite a bit from hanging in several of my homes and classrooms.
Here's a detail:

It's less than 24-inches square, one of many I made that one of my friends called "refrigerator quilts."  However, I'm pretty sure this one has never hung on my refrigerator because the refrigerator is more or less permanently loaded with schedules, reminders, recipes, and sometimes a few photos.

Somewhere I have a later version in blue, aqua, teal, and violet batiks--because I made one to give away, and then another one for Sanda, and then knew I had to make one for myself.  I've lived in this house for nearly eight years, and I really need to get organized and hang some quilts!

I am sooooo looking forward to coming home from work tonight, hopefully with enough energy to quilt.  In any case, the Victory Quilters meet to work on prayer quilts tomorrow, so I'll have more chances to work on quilts.

Happy Quilting.......

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