Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Quilts

After many, many text messages from her girlfriends and her guy friend, she was off to the Sweetheart Dance, pretty much the antithesis of "calm".
She was so afraid she'd be the only girl in a dress.
Her date was waiting for her at the school and was by her side within five seconds.    But as we pulled up, she announced, "I can't do this!  Take me home!"  I didn't.  I hope they are having lots of fun.

Earlier in the week her jazz band played a gig a few miles from here.

Apparently the zoot suits were made for much, much larger people.  She said the pants had to be hemmed seven inches.  Fortunately, the suspenders keep the pants up and the cuffs on the shirt hold the shirt sleeves up over her hands.  Personally, I favor the hats!

She had a good time that evening too!
I'm determined to enjoy every minutes of these growing-up years!  They'll pass all too quickly!

Post Script:  As she tumbled into bed, she said, "I think this may have been the best night of my life!"  I'm glad it was so much fun for her.  I have a feeling getting up for church may be more of on effort for her!

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Absolutely beautiful!!


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