Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Unusual Nine-Patch--Ice Cream Social

I made this quilt, which I named "Ice Cream Social," in 1985-86 while living in Cleveland, TN.
The border is that dusty pink that was so popular during the 80's, but I was unable to get it to register as anything other than tan in the photo.  I called it "Ice Cream Social" because the pink (that looks nearly white in the photo) and the pale green reminded me of strawberry and mint ice cream.

The quilt is composed of nine patches set on point with alternating pink and green solid squaters.  To achieve this look, the center top and bottom squares of the 9-patch were pieced from green, and the center patches on the horizontal axis were pieced from pink.  
It was pieced by machine and then hand quilted.  I don't remember getting bored quilting the same designs over and over, but can't imagine being that patient today!

I would like to do another quilt like this--only in batiks this time.

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