Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Split 4-Patch and Post Storm Pictures

Members of the treadle sewing machine group introduced me to the split 4-patch.  I was interested in it because it has much in common with my split 9-patch windmills.  Above is my first attempt.  I began with 6-inch strips and squares.  Once they were assembled as 4-patches, I made two parallel vertical and horizontal cuts 1.5" from center seams.  I then moved each "double bar" patch clockwise to the next position.
Here's a closeup of one block:
I sashed the blocks with a blue print and set aside more blue for the binding.
This prayer quilt will be for the Victory Quilt ministry; we have to make an effort to make quilts that will be acceptable for men; we all love making the pretty, flowerdee, feminine quilts.  These take a bit more effort in the planning.  I thought the butterfly/feather print and the leaf print worked well together, and the blue picked up the blue in the feathers.

Now to layer and quilt.......

The bonus in this post consists of two post-storm pictures, both from last Saturday.
We awoke not only to the left-over snow, but also to fog.  I find it fascinating that the camera apparently "sees" through some of the fog.

Everything was coated in ice, but apparently the camera doesn't pick that up very well either.
I tried to get pictures of a lot of other bushes, even weeds, but the ice disappeared in the photographs.
We're expecting more snow today.  I do hope  NMDOT manages to keep the roads clear and safe......

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